Your Journey to Wellness

There is a reason you feel unwell, or aren’t able to reach your goals. Together, we can find that reason and reduce or remove it.


Your Story

Our journey begins with your story.

In our first session, we go into every detail, and create a timeline of symptoms, diagnoses, medications, diets and life events to begin to establish the reason you feel unwell, or haven’t been able to meet your goals.

We also establish wellness metrics—your definition of wellness—so we know when you have reached it.

At the end of this session, I identify additional avenues we need to investigate. This usually involves a diet diary (I use an app to make it easier!) and pathology tests, but may also involve a specific symptom tracker, a mood tracker, or an activity tracker.

You will receive a personalised meal, activity and lifestyle plan later that night which matches your lifestyle.


Between your first and second sessions, we collect all the data we need, and you start to make small changes.

Using the personalised meal, activity and lifestyle recommendations as a guide, you live as you wish, doing what works for you and not doing what doesn’t.

If needed, you have pathology testing conducted, and purchase supplementation if required.

The Diagnosis

In our second session, we uncover what the real problem is, and define our path forward.

We talk through the results from your tests or trackers. We talk through your life for the last week, and find a happy balance between what you like eating and doing, and what you would benefit from eating and doing. We review your supplementation, and provide a full wellness care plan that provides the guide for the next few months.


We meet and discuss regularly, either in person, over the phone or via email.

You can ask as many questions as you wish, and I will keep refining the recommendations if necessary, as new information comes to light.

We keep a close eye on your progress against your wellness metrics, to make sure we are always making progress.


This is when you arrive at wellness—the point you defined all those weeks or months ago.

Endless Care

Every few months, I continue to check in, offer advice, support, or provide answers to your questions. Forever!